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Nitrous oxide (N2 O) is called “laughing gas” because it has a euphoric effect when inhaled. It has a mildly sweet odor and taste. N2 O was first used as a surgical anesthetic in 1844, and it is still in use today. It is also used as a fuel additive and aerosol propellant.

Indiana University Bloomington Acceptance Rate: How Difficult Is It to Get In? 44,169 students applied in the fall of 2018, of whom 33,970 were accepted. This places the acceptance rate at about 76%, making IU just slightly selective.

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Atlantic Ocean. Florida boasts beaches with crystal clear water, both on the Gulf of Mexico and on the Atlantic Ocean.

Diagnostic features include legs with 3-segmented tarsi; as with many Orthoptera, the hind legs have enlarged femora, providing power for jumping. Cricket (insect) -. Cricket Temporal range: Triassic–Recent PreꞒ Ꞓ O S D C P T J K Pg N. Order:. Orthoptera. Suborder:. Ensifera. Infraorder:. Gryllidea. Superfamily:. Grylloidea Laicharting, 1781.

M2 = M1 + savings deposits + money market funds + certificates of deposit + other time deposits. The Federal Reserve System is responsible for tracking the amounts of M1 and M2 and prepares a weekly release of information about the money supply.

oxygen group. sulfur (S), also spelled sulphur, nonmetallic chemical element belonging to the oxygen group (Group 16 [VIa] of the periodic table), one of the most reactive of the elements. Pure sulfur is a tasteless, odourless, brittle solid that is pale yellow in colour, a poor conductor of electricity, and insoluble in water.

Habitat. Badgers prefer dry, open grasslands, though they are very adaptable. Some also live in woods, quarries, hedgerows, sea cliffs and moorland. American badgers are typically found in the Great Plains region of North America.

Shakespeare wrote different types of plays – histories, tragedies and comedies, as well as some mixtures called 'problem plays'. He drew on many different sources to create his unique plays. Some of them were based on the history of the kings of England – Elizabeth's ancestors.

Scientists have sniffed out the reason for the musty, "metallic" odor you smell after handling coins or touching metal objects. Because blood contains iron, rubbing blood over skin produces a similar metallic smell, the researchers said.

On this day in AD 192, the Roman emperor Commodus was murdered. The emperor was strangled in his bath by Narcissus, a wrestler who was tasked with the deed by a small group of conspirators: the Praetorian Prefect, Aemilius Laetus; Commodus' chamberlain, Eclectus; and Commodus' mistress, Marcia.

Insects inhabited Earth since before the time of the dinosaurs. The earliest identifiable insect is the Devonian Rhyniognatha hirsti, estimated at 407 to 396 million years ago.

According to the Chronology of the Greek Myths, Zeus was born in 1701 BC (basically, 18th century BC), which is 3718 years ago. In the book of Ryuho Okawa (who proclaims that he is the embodiment of several religious and mythological characters at once) said that he (Zeus) was born approximately 3600 years ago.

The equation to get mEq is therefore [(30 mg)(2)] /(58. 44 mg/mmol) = 1. 027 mEq. Since there are 400 mL = 0. 4 L, the concentration in mEq/L is therefore 1. 027/0. 4 = 2. 567 mEq/L.

the sun. The eagle is a symbol of the sun and a representation of the victorious god Huitzilopochtli, in which form, according to legend, bowed to the arriving Aztecs.

“Who Am I?” Names List - Snow White. Snoopy. Scooby Doo. John Wayne. Anne Hathaway. Duke Ellington. Madonna. Superman.

Appearing in its present form about 400 ce, the Mahabharata consists of a mass of mythological and didactic material arranged around a central heroic narrative that tells of the struggle for sovereignty between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas (sons of Dhritarashtra, the descendant of Kuru) and the Pandavas (sons of

Both were thought of as troublemakers. Both were governors upon arrival in America. Both were Puritans who lived in New England.

Thermopylae, Greece. The Greek fleet—seeking a decisive victory over the Persian armada—attacked and defeated the invaders at the Battle of Salamis in late 480 BC. Battle of Thermopylae. -. Date. 21–23 July or 20 August or 8–10 September 480 BC. Location. Thermopylae, Greece 38. 796607°N 22. 536714°ECoordinates:38. 796607°N 22. 536714°E. Result. Persian victory.

Eidetic memory (/aɪˈdɛtɪk/ eye-DET-ik; more commonly called photographic memory) is the ability to recall an image from memory with high precision for a brief period after seeing it only once, and without using a mnemonic device.

Density and pressure/temperature Density is directly proportional to pressure and indirectly proportional to temperature. As pressure increases, with temperature constant, density increases. Air density will decrease by about 1% for a decrease of 10 hPa in pressure or 3 °C increase in temperature.

A memoir is a non-fictional, first personal written account of events and memories from the author's real life. Memoirs (French for “memory” or “reminisce”) focus on personal experience, intimacy, and emotional truth—memoir writers often play with their memories and with real life in order to tell a good story.

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Many historians claim that the Great Awakening influenced the Revolutionary War by encouraging the notions of nationalism and individual rights. The revival also led to the establishment of several renowned educational institutions, including Princeton, Rutgers, Brown and Dartmouth universities.

Although they do not have bones, tarantulas and other spiders have hard external coverings called exoskeletons that give their body protection and support. Tarantulas have the ability to spin silk, but unlike other spiders, they do not use the silk to make webs that catch their prey.

The multiplicity (sometimes referred to as splitting) tells how many hydrogen atoms are immediately next door to the hydrogens producing that peak. The multiplicity is the most important piece of information, since it allows you to connect the pieces together to identify the molecule.

A tiny moth larva inside makes a jumping bean jump. In the spring, when the shrub is flowering, moths lay their eggs on the shrub's hanging seedpods. As the tiny larvae inside curl up and uncurl, they hit the capsule's wall with their heads – and the bean jumps.

Germany didn't fare well after World War I, as it was thrown into troubling economic and social disorder. After a series of mutinies by German sailors and soldiers, Kaiser Wilhelm II lost the support of his military and the German people, and he was forced to abdicate on November 9, 1918.

How are the olfactory receptors activated?Odorants dissolve in the mucus and bind to receptors. Dissolved odorants stimulate olfactory sensory neurons by binding to receptor proteins in the olfactory cilium membranes. This triggers the opening of cation channels, which results in generation of a receptor potential.

Radiation. Radiation is the transfer of heat energy through space by electromagnetic radiation. Most of the electromagnetic radiation that comes to the earth from the sun is in the form of visible light.

Integer. MAX_VALUE represents the maximum positive integer value that can be represented in 32 bits (i. e., 2147483647 ). This means that no number of type Integer that is greater than 2147483647 can exist in Java.